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Greed X Reader: Mine
He eyed you from across the darkened room, his greedy eyes piercing into your back as he reclined on a wooden chair. You were on the opposite side of the room as him, discussing things with a few other homunculi. They consisted of Lust, Gluttony, and Envy. You were just a simple human, who had daringly formed an alliance with the homunculi as a back-up fighter, and a spy. Easy money, and it helped ease your anger towards everyone you hated, which were conveniently always on the list of people to kill.
Only now you were discussing your next target when you met up with the three homunculi. Greed would have joined in, but he sat back from afar, watching you carefully. It was a puzzle as to what was on his mind from the outside, but it indeed, was only swarming with you. From the moment you joined, Greed couldn’t take his eyes off you. You were extremely attractive in his eyes, and soon, he began to live up to his name.
All the time, he would be thinking about you, constantly circlin
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 161 13
Sweet Avarice [Greed x Reader]
It is silent. Everywhere he looks, there is nothing but black and red and white. Weariness seeps into his being like a foggy haze in the cracks of a building and he closes his eyes, sighing with utter relief.
“I did it. I beat you, Pops. Hell, it might have gotten me killed in the process, but I did it. Still, I would have preferred ruling that idiot’s country with him…because at least I would have gotten something out of it.”
As if in answer to his griping, a figure materialized right before him, and he freezes.
“Avaricious as always, aren’t you?”
Her voice is soft, amusement lacing the quiet tones, hand outstretched knowingly.
He scoffs and shakes his head as his shock melts into satisfaction, his hand reaching for hers. “Of course I am! I’m Greed! Or have you forgotten that?”
Their hands meet and her fingers curl around his tightly. “No, I haven’t. I could never forget you, Greed, even though it’s been so
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 259 34
Nicknames - Roy Mustang x Reader
Note - (E/n/n) means an embarrassing nickname!
“Ne ne, Sparky! I heard you’re going on another date today!” You exclaimed while filling out paperwork - his paperwork to be more precise.
“Don’t call me that, and yes, I am, in a few hours.” He replied while fiddling with his gloves.
“Wah, don’t do that!” Slapping his hands away from his ignition cloth gloves, you nagged, “The last time you did it, you accidently started a fire and as your secretary, I had to clean up the mess for you.”
“Fine, fine.” Stopping now, he only sat back in his chair while doing nothing productive.
“Hopefully this date won’t be a disaster like the others. So, where are you taking the girl this time?”
Snorting in disdain at your first statement, Mustang answered, “We’re going to eat at Colonel’s.”
:iconninasmall:NinaSmall 242 75
Standards (Roy Mustang x Reader)
      His eyes trailed up, tracing the curvature of your legs. Silky stockings reaching under your skirt, hiding their lace edges. Your skirt was riding delicately up your thigh, leaving Roy to openly drool.
   You were oblivious to his hungry eyes, chatting away on the phone. Your provocative seat on the edge of your work desk was unintentional, a simple action to alleviate your sore high-heeled feet. Your dark lips formed unintelligible words, laughing occasionally on something said on the other end.
   Roy was, for once, desperately trying to work. A thick manilla folder of documents still needed to be checked over, and crumpled handfuls of forms swamped his in-box. He couldn't even raise his ink pen, frozen with his hand perched half-way to the paper.
   Your eyes flickered over to him, puzzled at his gaping features. You glanced down, then giving a soft giggle. You modestly adjusted your skirt to its normal length.
   "Like wh
:iconnumbuh1000:Numbuh1000 406 67
MARCO X LUFFY by Rainbow-of-despair MARCO X LUFFY :iconrainbow-of-despair:Rainbow-of-despair 81 48
Mature content
FrUK - Eiffel tower -Lemon- :iconlastbutnotalise:LastbutnotAlise 130 80
FrUk Lemon (England POV)
I couldn't believe that this was actually happening to me. France was lightly caressing my face, his gentle touch sending chills through body. My lips trembled as I looked up at his sparkling blue eyes, and I realize how much I love him this began with him asking me why I hate him so much. I had explained to him that I could never hate him, and that I only act the way I do because I care about him. Then he had kissed me softly. Now here we are, his hands holding my face, with each soft touch, feelings of desire coursed through my body. France smiled at me, leaning forward and kissing me again. His tongue poked at my lips, begging to enter my mouth. I allowed his tongue to dance erotically across my own tongue, his hot saliva filling my mouth as a muffled moan escaped my enclosed lips. He held my waist close as he bit my lower lip. I closed my eyes as waves of passion washed over me. He pushed down on my chest, pushing me onto my bed. France brought his head lower, suckling and kissing
:iconadreamoflust:Adreamoflust 49 18
Mature content
Englandcest - Love Potion :iconamericalovesicecream:AmericaLovesIcecream 31 7
-APH- Russia x England
      ~~~"Well, uh, Russia… I've got to be going now…" The skinny blonde walked quickly toward the door in the dark room.
      "But the movie isn't over yet…"
      A chill went up England's spine as the cool whisper of a sentence hung on the air even after the light pink lips closed. "I realize… But America really needs my help with something, and I don't want to disappoint him because you know he never lets you live it down afterwards." The blonde reached for the doorknob as a strong hand clasped around his own; a small gasp escaped his pale lips. "R-Russia?"
      "I said: The movie isn't over yet. So you're staying until it is finished." Russia said coldly; his accent thickening upon anger.
      "Uh, yeah, sure." Russia lead England back to the couch, still holding his hand tightly, and pulled the shorter boy dow
:iconart-is-fleeting:Art-Is-Fleeting 72 31
Russia and Reader-Lost in a Frozen Tundra
You shoved the door open with all your might, loudly it groaned in protest. But in the end, it swung open unexpectedly. Giving a small gasp, you fell forward. Crisp white snow cushioned your fall, snowflakes clung to your face and hair. You whimpered as you lifted your face up, the coldness slightly burning.
Sighing, you stood back up. Standing in knee high snow, you looked around you. Wind blew at you from every direction, the harsh wind cutting into your skin to the very bone. Shivering, you hugged your frame. Everything looked barren, this tundra. And with frightened eyes, you turned back to the door.
But nothing stood there, nothing but more snow. “What!?” you cried out, wadding over to where the door should have been. Hand outstretched, you waved it in the empty air, hoping that somehow it was just an illusion.
Sadly, it wasn’t. And here you stood, shivering in the cold. Alone
Rubbing your hands together, fruitlessly, you tried to keep warm. I-I need sh
:iconliteratureatmidnight:LiteratureAtMidnight 63 22
A Fire in My Mouth Natsu X Reader Oneshot
      "You're going down sister." Standing up on top of the table with his chest puffed out, Natsu pointed down at you, grinning victoriously. "There's no way you can beat me. No one's ever beat me and no one ever will. This challenge is worthless, it's only going to embarrass you." Placing his hands on his hips, Natsu threw back his head and released a loud, confident, and slightly obnoxious laugh. "You'll never be able to show your face around here again when this is all over."
"Aye, that's right. Natsu's the best. You might as well just give up now and go home crying, because there's no way you're going to beat my man Natsu." Happy floated over Natsu's head waving little red flags and cheering him on.
"We'll see about that. But for now, you really should get off of the table. You're going to get us kicked out before we even start." You looked down at 8-Island's menu and tried to decided what food you could eat the most of. "Besides, we haven't even chosen what to eat
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 301 27
America X Suicidal! Reader Bullet
America X Suicidal! Reader
My legs are dangling off the edge
The bottom of the bottle is my only friend
I think I'll slit my wrists again and I'm
Gone, gone, gone, gone
My legs are dangling off the edge
A stomach full of pills didn't work again
I'll put a bullet in my head and I'm
Gone, gone, gone, gone

She sat there alone on the edge over looking New York. Next to her sat a can of alcohol, her antidepressant pills, and a gun. She hadn’t chosen how but she had options. There was no point anyways. The taste of her last cigarette still tainted her teeth. She stared at her scars, both the physical and mental ones.
Gone too far yea I'm gone again
It's gone on too long tell you how it ends
I'm sitting on the edge with my two best friends
One's a bottle of pills and one's a bottle of gin.

It’s not like anyone would miss her. The only person who would have missed her, passed away two year ago. ‘Why did you have to leave me uncle?’ She was completel
:iconchai-turtle:Chai-turtle 367 308
Russia!Father x Reader!Child Ch.1
“Toris, Toris…You behaved so badly today. It makes me sad but I have to punish you. “Ivan giggled. “Please Mr.-“
“Oh no be quiet now or do you want to be punished even more?” Toris shook his head with tears in the eyes.
“Well I see Lithuania. But now it is time for your punishment.”
“We are nearly finished Lithuania .I-“A ring from the door interrupted Russia.
“What the… Who might that be at this time? áWell Lithuania we are finished for today. Now go.” áToris did like told. He was nearly crying. Everywhere bruises and this pain… he just broke a plate today and for his misfortune Russia saw him. He knew he was not finished yet- like always but this person who ringed at the door- whoever was send by heaven.
Ivan wiped the blood out of his face and smiled. “Well, well Toris you are quite a little clumsy clot.”
He opened the door for himself and was a bit surprised to see hi
:icontana-jo:TaNa-Jo 375 151
2p!America x Bartender!Reader - Troublemaker
A/N: Warning, some swearing, and drinking, This is also a song fic. Song : Troublemaker by Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida I dont own anything but the plot line. Enjoy!
~You're a troublemaker
You're a troublemaker...
You ain't nothing but a troublemaker, girl~
You were an average girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair and vibrant (e/c) eyes. Everyone liked being around you. You were always good for a laugh. But, where ever you went, trouble was bound to follow you. And that's why your friend Allistor hired you at his bar. He liked trouble. As did a certain dark haired American that walked in one night.
~You had me hooked again from the minute you sat down
The way you bite your lip got my head spinnin' around
After a drink or two I was putty in your hands
I don't know if I'll have the strength to stand, oh oh oh...~
Al strolled into the dingy pub down the street. He was already irritated due to Oliver's happiness, so he thought he needed to head
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 366 63
Dad!EnglandxChild!Reader: Daddy, I made scones!
“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” you giggled as you ran to your dad, who was asleep on the sofa. áYou grabbed the back of the couch and started swinging your stubby legs over, only to misplace your foot and land on your dad…on your back. You started wiggling so you could rest on your stomach, kicking your dad in the process. á
“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Wake up!” You giggled and grinned as you tugged your dad’s messy hair.
Arthur slowly opened his eyes, finding his little sweetheart on his stomach, giggling and full of energy.
“Daddy! You’re awake!”
Arthur smiled, “Yes I am, sweetheart.” Your eyes closed in contentment. You loved it when he called you that. He ruffled up your hair, resulting to more giggles from you. “Now, why are you so frivolous all the sudden?”
“Because,” you giggled. You could never stop giggling. “I wanna make scones!”
Arthur’s eyes lit up. “Really?
:iconkatarinat:Katarinat 572 221
AmericaxCountry!ReaderxRussia Ch.7 Take Me Instead
America x Country!Reader x Russia
Chapter 7: Take Me Instead
~Russia’s POV~
I woke up with the sunlight beaming through the crystal clear window, my body aching from the rumble between the American and me. He did get some good shots at me, my right eye is completely swollen, and I can barely open it.
I couldn’t help myself though, I couldn’t just let him just try to have a chance on her…
She means too much to me..
I raised myself up from the bed, until I heard the door open. I looked towards the door and noticed (your name) still wearing her gown from last night, her hair a bit disoriented, but always manages to stay beautiful. The look on her face though was hard to read, she gave an unemotional look at me, and walked over to my bedside.
I had a feeing that she was going to be mad at me at what I did to America, but frankly I don’t care, I don’t want any man to have intimate feelings towards my sunflower, and especially that American…
:iconmadeline02:madeline02 56 76


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1. Favorite Super HERO movie? -
I would have to say the Avengers. Iron man, Thor, Loki, Hulk, and all the rest are really sweet. And i love that moment.

Loki: I have an army.

Tony (Iron Man): We have a Hulk.

or something like that lol.

2. If you could be a Hero, what kind of power would you have?

Tough one. Uh . . . I would like to be Iron Man. Having the supersuit and still be human. I guess. Maybe. Never really thought of it.

3. Favorite food?

Uh, I really like Strawberry pocky.

4. Best thing about your life?

It's cheesy i know but my Family. My mom, Older brother and i have been threw a lot of things in the past five years. My parents got Divorced, lost our house, My depression driving me to almost suicide, loosing my dog. But we got threw it.  

5. If you could go anywhere you wanted, where would you go?

I would want to go to Europe and Japan. A lot of placing in Europe and once you're in it you can travel where ever and Ja[an because i am an anime freak and i love the culture.

6. Your favorite anime?

Fairy Tail, Hetalia and Pokemon. No doubt. I watch them all the time. Re-runs and all.

7. What's your OTP?

Ahh, too many. Green X Red. Silver X Gold.

8. Your worst cosplay?

I have never cosplaied . . . . wait i was a pokemon trainer and i lookd really shitty. Jacket, Hat, a pikachu on my shoulder, Gloves like Ash, Plusle on my head, and a pokeball with me. It was for Halloween two years ago.

9. Your dream Cosplay?

Well First i want to loose a lot of weight first. And i would love to dress up as England from Hetalia.

10. Which anime\manga character would you like to date?

(o.O) do i have to pick just one? Since I keep making my OC fall in love with him. Green Oak. I love the cocky bastard.

My ten questions for you. I suck at this part.

1. What Universe would you want to live in? (like anime world)
-anime world! In the hetalia and in the fairy tail... -.- dont ask

2. If you could do whatever for a day and get away with it for life, like that day never existed so no one remembered it, What would you do?
-become the president and bomb one of our enemy countries

3. If you could meet one person, Real or animated, who would it be and why?
-just one? F**k this question... I have tons of people to meet.... But... I would chose England from hetalia cuz I wanna see if his cooking really sucks

4. What is your secret favorite song?
-I don't care by the fall out boys... Shhhh don't tell any one

5. What do you love to watch or do when making art or stories?

6. If you had a million dollars, what would you do? And do you have any reason why doing it?
Anime stuff

7. (hate to say it because it was above but) Where would you love to go if you could?
Hetalia world

8. Doth thou even hoist? (Do you even lift)

9. What is your favorite YouTuber? (that is if you have one)

10. And the last one. Yes or No?

10 things about myself
1. I've watch hetalia and fairy tail and watching bleach
2. I'm more awesomer than Prussia (I'm not bragging :3)
3. I love to watch paranormal stuff
4. I love money... I'm greedy $$$
5. I'm nice, mischievous, helping
6. I steal from my friends like pencils and stuff, they can't always trust me :3
7. I'm quiet at school, loud at home
8. I was bullied when I was little (around 1st grade)
9. Boys in my 6th grade class considers me tough and strong
10 I have around 9 boys in class that are scared of me


1. What anime do you watch?

2. If you were a pokemon what would it be?

3. (Hetalia reference) become one with mother Russia, DA? ^J^

4. If you could go shopping with one anime character, who would it be?

5. What anime do you like?

6. What your fav. Color

7. ((Oh godů so hard! Can't think)) um... How are you XD!!

8. ((I'm outta here wait)) Do you like cows?

9.((-leaving-)) do you like pewdiepie?

10.(( comes back for cookie)) you like scary games?


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