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1. Favorite Super HERO movie? -
I would have to say the Avengers. Iron man, Thor, Loki, Hulk, and all the rest are really sweet. And i love that moment.

Loki: I have an army.

Tony (Iron Man): We have a Hulk.

or something like that lol.

2. If you could be a Hero, what kind of power would you have?

Tough one. Uh . . . I would like to be Iron Man. Having the supersuit and still be human. I guess. Maybe. Never really thought of it.

3. Favorite food?

Uh, I really like Strawberry pocky.

4. Best thing about your life?

It's cheesy i know but my Family. My mom, Older brother and i have been threw a lot of things in the past five years. My parents got Divorced, lost our house, My depression driving me to almost suicide, loosing my dog. But we got threw it.  

5. If you could go anywhere you wanted, where would you go?

I would want to go to Europe and Japan. A lot of placing in Europe and once you're in it you can travel where ever and Ja[an because i am an anime freak and i love the culture.

6. Your favorite anime?

Fairy Tail, Hetalia and Pokemon. No doubt. I watch them all the time. Re-runs and all.

7. What's your OTP?

Ahh, too many. Green X Red. Silver X Gold.

8. Your worst cosplay?

I have never cosplaied . . . . wait i was a pokemon trainer and i lookd really shitty. Jacket, Hat, a pikachu on my shoulder, Gloves like Ash, Plusle on my head, and a pokeball with me. It was for Halloween two years ago.

9. Your dream Cosplay?

Well First i want to loose a lot of weight first. And i would love to dress up as England from Hetalia.

10. Which anime\manga character would you like to date?

(o.O) do i have to pick just one? Since I keep making my OC fall in love with him. Green Oak. I love the cocky bastard.

My ten questions for you. I suck at this part.

1. What Universe would you want to live in? (like anime world)
-anime world! In the hetalia and in the fairy tail... -.- dont ask

2. If you could do whatever for a day and get away with it for life, like that day never existed so no one remembered it, What would you do?
-become the president and bomb one of our enemy countries

3. If you could meet one person, Real or animated, who would it be and why?
-just one? F**k this question... I have tons of people to meet.... But... I would chose England from hetalia cuz I wanna see if his cooking really sucks

4. What is your secret favorite song?
-I don't care by the fall out boys... Shhhh don't tell any one

5. What do you love to watch or do when making art or stories?

6. If you had a million dollars, what would you do? And do you have any reason why doing it?
Anime stuff

7. (hate to say it because it was above but) Where would you love to go if you could?
Hetalia world

8. Doth thou even hoist? (Do you even lift)

9. What is your favorite YouTuber? (that is if you have one)

10. And the last one. Yes or No?

10 things about myself
1. I've watch hetalia and fairy tail and watching bleach
2. I'm more awesomer than Prussia (I'm not bragging :3)
3. I love to watch paranormal stuff
4. I love money... I'm greedy $$$
5. I'm nice, mischievous, helping
6. I steal from my friends like pencils and stuff, they can't always trust me :3
7. I'm quiet at school, loud at home
8. I was bullied when I was little (around 1st grade)
9. Boys in my 6th grade class considers me tough and strong
10 I have around 9 boys in class that are scared of me


1. What anime do you watch?

2. If you were a pokemon what would it be?

3. (Hetalia reference) become one with mother Russia, DA? ^J^

4. If you could go shopping with one anime character, who would it be?

5. What anime do you like?

6. What your fav. Color

7. ((Oh godů so hard! Can't think)) um... How are you XD!!

8. ((I'm outta here wait)) Do you like cows?

9.((-leaving-)) do you like pewdiepie?

10.(( comes back for cookie)) you like scary games?


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